Run, Beer, Brick and Barrell

It may be Sunday night and I may have done this on Wednesday but it’s still recent enough that I feel it’s OK to still post as if it just happened. So just roll with it. I have said this before but white people love to combine mild physical activity and beer. Not to say other races or ethnicities do not like to but come on we all know white people love it the most. Everyone else tends to split the two activities up but not crazy white people (see my post on the beer mile). And I am white so I can say that. That’s how this works right?

I have done a few of these Brewery Runs in the Cleveland area so far. A bunch of people meet up and run a 3-6 mile run then have beer at a brewery or restaurant. The event is free, you just pay for your beer. I think the run makes us all feel better about the calories. Or maybe we just all need a reason to drink.  Either way I am not complaining. It is a great time to check out another brewery or restaurant in Cleveland. It seems like one is popping up every 5 minutes here.

This time the event was at Brick and Barrel. Located down in the Flats. For those from outside of Cleveland the Flats have completely changed in the last few years. I suggest checking them out. It’s a different place than it use to be. This brewery has been around for a few years now but this was my first visit. A real relaxed environment in an old brick building of course giving off that vibe that this is the place you come after a hard day of work. I tried a couple different beers and really enjoyed an IPA called Bitter Chief. It is named after Chief Wahoo for all you tribe fans and is a good selection as the tribe gear up for a pennant race.

The next event is at the end of September at Great Lakes Brewery and I will be there. Ready to slowly shuffle my flat feet around a few miles and enjoy a beer as a reward. Because really what can be better?


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