Charleston: Filled with Southern Charm

Now that I’ve had 24 hours to regroup after that trip down South, I thought i would sit down and put the fingers to the keyboard. Charleston, SC is honestly a top 3 city I have ever been to. I spent just a few days there but accomplished so much yet still only saw a small piece of the city. And the people, wow! Talk about southern hospitality. Seriously this city has beautiful beaches, history around every corner and yeah some pretty good beer.

During my time there, I tried beer from four different local breweries and visited two. I enjoyed multiple beers from Palmetto Brewing Co. and Westbrook Brewing Company. Both produced quality beers. Trying local beers is one thing but I usually have to visit at least 1 brewery in a city. I think you get a better feel for the beer there and they usually have some you cannot get anywhere else. My girlfriend and I managed to get to two, Revelry Brewing Co. and Southend Brewery & Smokehouse. Honestly, while Southend had delicious food, the beer was just average. Revelry on the other hand was fantastic. Now, I have to admit I am not familiar with the New England style IPA but theirs called “Never Sunny” wins best SC beer in my book. Highly recommend it.

Beer wasn’t the only thing there though. We ate like gluttonous pigs at Hominy Grill, The Park Cafe, Closed For Business and others.  We saw the well-known sites like Rainbow Row, The Battery, and Angel Oak. And we enjoyed top end beaches like Isle of the Palms and Folly Beach where my back “Felt the  Bern” more than a 21-year-old Gender Studies major at a Sanders rally. Note to self, reapply sunscreen often.

Seriously, this was an amazing city. I will be back. I have to drag my girlfriend to all the historic sites next time. Charleston like its people, has more to give.




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