Forget the Election, Worry About the Nomination

The last year has been a political reality TV show episode on par with the Khardashians. While who is elected as our next United States President is important, the death of Antonin Scalia created an even more important issue. Scalia was a strong conservative voice on the Supreme Court. His passing leaves an opening for Obama to literally change the political landscape for a generation. His impact on the country will be shaped more by this decision than anything he has previously done.

Anyone that knows me would say I am far from an Obama supporter. In fact, I think he has been a poor excuse for a President. However, it is his responsibility to nominate a candidate for the opening. While it would have been nice for a republican president (if one was to win) to make that nomination, it is Obama’s decision. The republicans can try to oppose his nominations but I am hopeful, and probably naive of me to think this, that we can have some sort of compromise because we do not need another government inefficiency to slow down progress.

But when have politicians ever been able to compromise?