It’s Basically October: Go to Oktoberfest

It is basically October in my mind. Summer is wrapping up and fall will be here before you know it even if the weather has not cooled. Basic girls will be drinking their PSLs (pumpkin spice lattes) and taking pics at the apple orchard. I know this because my girlfriend will want to go.And while fall means no more time on the water, it does provide a great fall beer scene.

This past weekend I went to the Cleveland Scene Oktoberfest and will be going to a friend’s in a few weeks.Fall beers are the best thing about fall. Sorry basic girls but flannels and sweaters are not the best thing about fall. From your local Oktoberfest brew  (Great Lakes Brewing Company has a good one) to Pumpking, to the many German beers out there fall is a great beer time. So throw on that flannel and jeans and head out to your local Oktoberfest while you can (or head to German if you can afford it). Winter will be here soon. .



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