Wade, Durant, and the Crazed Events Surrounding NBA Free Agency

NBA Free Agency has started up and caused a plethora of tweets, thoughts and hot takes. Every white guy with an average jump shot now gets pad $10 Million a year in the new NBA. I am pretty sure I am due a 4 year/$6 Million deal shortly. My solid celebrations and hustle can at least earn me that.

But really, these contracts are not that absurd. In fact, when the cap goes up again next year they will seem like bargains. Maybe I should sign a 2 year deal with a player option? My value is sure to sky-rocket.

With Kevin Durant bolting for Golden State and proving how much of a choke job he really is, the NBA is really a battle between 3-4 teams…at most. Sorry everyone else it is July 5th and your season is over. Time to play for the lottery. It also has started a series of Wade to the Cavs rumors. Would I love to see Wade in a Cavs jersey next season? Yes, of course. He can still average 16 points in the Cavs lineup and help retain the title in Believeland. But that is just not realistic. Cavs don’t have the money. I could see this  as Lebron’s ploy to get his buddy his money and also get the Cavs another player. Could this force a team to dump a player in a trade with the Cavs that fits into one of their trade exceptions in order for a team to sign Wade? Yes, and I think that is what will happen. Wade will get paid more than the 2 year deal worth $40 Million. Lebron  will get another body to help defend the land and everyone will go home happy…. Well except Thunder fans. Sucks to be them.


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