Beer in a Christmas Town

This past Saturday I stopped at brewery in Frankenmuth. Frankenmuth is a tourist town in Michigan known for Christmas and German food. I have been to Frankenmuth a few times but this was my first time stopping at Frankenmuth Brewery.

Ok, I have to admit the reason for stopping was my girlfriend’s obsession with her dachshund and the fact that the mascot for Frankenmuth Brewery is a dachshund. She had to visit and  I was not going to object to the chance to try another brewery.

I was pleasantly surprised with the beer here. I tried 8 different beers and have to say there was not a single one I didn’t enjoy.  My favorite  was the Belgian Quad called Oh My Quad! It is a fantastic beer that I would place in  my top 5 I have ever had. I was also impressed with the variety. They brew quite a few beers for a small craft brewer and I don’t think I even tried half of them. Just another reason for me to visit again.

Frankenmuth is a cool little town that is well worth the visit, especially around Christmas time. And while you’re there stop in to Frankenmuth Brewery. I recommend it.


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