An Open Letter to Lebron

Dear Lebron,

I know, I know you’re the greatest player in the world. We are lucky you came back. We should appreciate that we have you. You could go at any time. But really you can’t leave. You care more about what people think of you than any player in the league. You have a desire to be loved. If you leave Cleveland again, no one will love you. Trust me, you thought it was bad in 2010. That was nothing.

I know it is hard having an entire city counting on you. But it is time. Time to man up. Time to be a leader. Time to show some mental toughness. This is your team. You have been given everything you wanted. The Cavs fired the coach when you didn’t like him, they gave you the contract you wanted, gave you the teammates you wanted. No more excuses.

I know you have friends in the NBA. Dwayne Wade is your buddy. Social media shouldn’t matter but it does matter who you follow because people will notice. You should know that. You’re better than that.

I know winning 50 games is an accomplishment Cleveland should be proud of. Hey it was not too long ago the Cavs were picking in the lottery every year. We get it. You’re a franchise changing player. And hey come playoffs you guys will turn it on right? It’s just a matter of time. You’re bored right now, I get it.

I know  you’re on the wrong side of 30. The window is closing. The  pieces are not fitting exactly as they should. It takes time to gel. San Antonio and Golden State have set unrealistic expectation. But didn’t you say ” In Northeast Ohio, nothing is given. Everything is earned. You work for what you have. I’m ready to accept the challenge. I’m coming home.” It is time accept the challenge Lebron. Best players in the world don’t make excuses. Best players in the world don’t need sidekicks. Best players in the world get it done. You know how you cement a legacy Lebron? You bring a championship to a a hungry city waiting for a savior. Be the savior. Will it. Grab it. Take it. Hell “Just Do It.”


Cavs Fan




One thought on “An Open Letter to Lebron

  1. hardnogritty

    Hey man, good post. I have to agree with you for sure about LeBron. What I can’t understand about the guy is his leadership style. I can’t imagine playing on his team and being happy with the leader being so indirect. When I’m doing something wrong I would want to know. I wouldn’t want to find out over twitter or through the media that the best player is unhappy with me. I just don’t understand. It’ll be interesting to see how the playoffs shake out and what happens if they don’t win a championship. Also, if you have a bit of time, you think you could check out my post about LBJ and tell me what you think?


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