When Sibling Rivalry Meets Beer: Sibling Revelry Brewing

Sometime you fight with your siblings, sometimes you help them sneak in after a late night and sometimes you open up a brewery with them and call it Sibling Revelry Brewing. I first heard about this over a year ago when it was just an idea. A few weeks ago, it became a reality and I have been wanting to try it out as I drive pass it every day on my way to work. Sibling Revelry is a small craft brewery located in Westlake, Ohio about 25 minutes from Downtown Cleveland. The brewery has a great modern industrial  feel and the beers were pretty good too. I was pretty into the Irish American. Probably the best part of the tap room was that they let you bring dogs in. My girlfriend’s little dachshund sat on her lap the whole time and everyone seemed to enjoy his presence. Always a nice touch when a place allows pets to join in. The location of the place is kind of hidden away on a street filled with commercial businesses, but if you’re looking for a good beer out in the west side Cleveland suburbs, it is a great place to check out. Bring your siblings, maybe you’ll be inspired to open up your own brewery. ozziebeersibrev


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