Pour My Own Beer? Yes Please.

Another new place in Cleveland opened up recently and I had to try it out when I heard about their Inebriation Stations.

Wild Eagle Saloon is a country themed bar in Downtown Cleveland. What sets them a part from other bars are the Inebriation Stations located throughout the bar where you can pour your own beer by swiping a prepaid card. You pay by the ounce and this allows you to try multiple beers quickly or fill up a big glass if you prefer. It’s easy to see how the stations got their name.

While pouring your own beer is a cool and unique concept, I have to say the reason I will go back is for the food. Talk about a fat kids heaven. Bacon fried bacon, fried mac cheese balls and a gigantic burger challenge with it all topped on two burgers. I can feel my arteries clogging with delicious greasiness. Cleveland is constantly adding new places it seems and this one if definitely different from  the others. Go check it out. Your taste buds will thank you, your arteries will hate you but you’ll love it. wild eagle.jpg


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