Brooklyn Brewery

Few things taste as good as a freshly poured beer. While many have tried Brooklyn Brewery beer before, the story behind the beer is not necessarily as widely known. That is part of what appeals to craft beer drinkers. Millennials and your average bro appreciate a story behind their beer. They want to feel like drinking this particular beer is important. While in NYC this weekend, I stop[ed in to the Brooklyn Brewery for a beer, or three. The free tour along with it was an added bonus. While the tour was short, and involved more standing around than anything, it showcased the story behind the beer. How a couple of friends brewing beer in their house said fuck it to their traditional jobs and embarked on a dream every guy has thought about at least once. They opened a brewery. The industrial urban setting in Brooklyn gave the Brewery an edge to it so you don’t feel like you are caught up in another tourist trap like most of NYC and the beers on tap contained a wide range of beers for all types of drinkers. It’s a cool spot that had just the right amount of crowd where you weren’t overwhelmed. A definite must see in NYC for a thirst quenching brew.


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