Yoga and Beer-Interesting Concept

When someone imagines yoga, I can say with confidence I do not come to mind. In fact, if you are picturing it now I apologize. However, I do “practice” yoga from time to time. Last week, I went out with some coworkers and my girlfriend to Hofbrauhaus in Cleveland for some yoga and beer.

A local company by the name of Balance and Brews puts on these events at local breweries, restaurants and other beer related establishments. You go, do some yoga for an hour and then drink a couple beers. Kind of an excuse to drink and not feel bad about the calories. And trust me the workout will make you earn that beer. I am in semi decent shape (ok that’s a lie) and that session had me dripping sweat like an old man in a sauna. If you’re looking for a good workout with yoga, it’s something to check out. Overall, it’s an interesting concept and drinking a big German beer, or any beer for that matter, is always something I am up for.


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