Nano Brewing Detroit

Detroit has received a bad rap for quite some time now. I must admit I was someone who talked down on it. However, like much of the rust belt, it is seeing a revival (thanks hipsters). On a quick trip back to where I grew up, I spent a day downtown and checked out a few different spots that are a part of Detroit’s recent resurgence. One such spot is located in the Corktown neighborhood, Batch Brewing Company.


Batch is a small brewery that focuses on nano brewing. Brewing smaller batches that pack a lot of quality but also allow for experimentation since the scale is smaller. Batch Brewing is a cool industrial type place with some pretty good beers. While I didn’t have anything to eat, it does seem to have a pretty solid menu with good offerings. Detroit is not the bleak dismal place it once was. The city is rebounding and places like Batch Brewing company are a part of that. If you’re in the city, I recommend checking this brewery out. Or maybe take a drive up north and spend a few days there. Detroit may surprise you.


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