Climbing the Mountain of Beer

I am late on this because it was about 4 weeks ago that I went but I need to get back to getting some posts up. Ascension Brewing Company is located in Novi, Michigan. It is relatively new on the craft brew radar and is tucked away among random other shops and businesses. I thought I put in the wrong location at first in my GPS.

Once I found the place and made my way inside, I ordered up a beer sampler. I have to say the beers were not bad but nothing really stood out to me. They have quite a bit of variety on their tap list and I think this place is trying to find their niche. I will say though the Mac and Cheese will pork was excellent. Besides beer, I like to think I have tried lots of different mac and cheeses. Beer and mac and cheese is a great combination in my book. I think I’ll have to give Ascension some time to climb the beer mountain and try them again in the future. Potential is there, they just have not reached the summit quite yet.


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