Why I Don’t Like Cam Newton

Well first off he has the same taste in shoes as my late grandmother. But really why do I dislike him so much? Something about the man bugs me. Cam Newton is a very talented person but I dislike him as much as I dislike his biggest fan Steph Curry. They both give off this arrogance that reminds me of that little punk kid on the playground who you wanted to hit because everyone loved him but you found him to be a prick. Yes, I know Cam Newton is a good person. He gives balls to kids after he scores. He is charitable. He doesn’t get into trouble. He is too perfect. Just like that guy in college that was always volunteering but you knew he was a pompous asshole, that is Cam Newton. Call me a hater or say I’m jealous but come Super Bowl Sunday I’ll be rooting for a legend and his name won’t be Newton. Go Broncos!


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