Old Number 5

About a year ago, I took a trip down to Nashville. It was my first Nashville trip and like any Red Blooded American Male I wanted to try some Tennessee Whiskey. Walking through Nashville my wish was randomly granted. We came across Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery by accident. This little distillery started by two brothers to revive their historic family distillery and their Old Number 5 Whiskey was a great little spot. We took a tour and then ended with a whiskey tasting that included three delicious whiskeys. It was great accident that we came across it and even better that we were the only ones on the tour as it gave us a exclusive feel to the place. The family history of the place is fantastic as their family had lost the whiskey story till the two brothers came across the old records and brought back a distillery that predates even the famous Jack Daniels, hence the Old Number 5 moniker. People are always trying to travel outside of the country to experience amazing things and tell a great story but I think weekend trips to America’s great cities have some of the most unique sites and great stories around. If you’re ever in Nashville, check out Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery. www.greenbrierdistillery.com

TN Whiskey


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