Craft in the Flats

It is getting difficult to keep up. A new one is popping up left and right. Again, Cleveland welcomes another new brewery in the city. Collision Bend Brewing Co. opened up last week on Cleveland’s East Bank of the Flats. The Flats has received a well talked about makeover in the last few years and this brewery adds to the revitalized area. The place was once known as the Watermark and sits right on the water. The views from this place are some of the best and the huge patio is sure to become a clear Cleveland favorite.


To go along with the views, this place brewed some pretty good beers. Personally, I enjoyed the IPA and my girlfriend said the Lake Erie Sunset beer tasted like you would imagine a sunset to taste. The place will continue to expand its product line, I assume, as there were a few openings on its list.  The quality beer combined with the nautical theme is a great fit to this location  and go very well with the view. I expect this brewery to fill up quickly this summer as people flock to the flats to check out Cleveland’s newest brewery. Well, newest for now. The Cleveland beer scene grows with another new brewery this week but Collision Bend will continue to draw people in this summer.


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