Big Beers, Big Taste

I firmly believe more beer is always better. Hansa Brewery is one of the many places that came onto the Cleveland beer scene in 2016. Located in Ohio City, it is a European style brewery with European food as well. The potato pancake were delicious.

I digress, let’s get back to the beer. Like many European style breweries, think Hofbrauhaus, they serve the large liter and half liter size beers that are standard in the European style breweries. The prices were extremely reasonable for these beers and very refreshing. They make a very drinkable beer there even for those that are not as big into the beer scene but like to tag along with the craft beer enthusiasts. Or maybe dragged along as I sometimes do with my girlfriend as I want to try out more places. Nevertheless, its got something there for everyone.

This European style brewery is a great addition to Cleveland and Ohio City. The fresh and clean atmosphere attached to the little European grocery store next door, that has been around much longer than the brewery, is sure to continue to be a Cleveland staple. img_1544


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