Mile of Death…And Beer

I know I should have written this sooner. But better late than never right?

Last week, I ran in the  Cleveland National Beer Mile. Honestly, I didn’t think this would be very challenging. I drink beer pretty well and I can run at a decent pace. I workout on a regular basis. I should easily be able to combine the two. That was my thought going in.

My god was I wrong. The beer mile is test of physical endurance, lung capacity and chugging. I gulped down the first beer quickly. 10-12 seconds I would estimate. Solid start. I took off on a sprint and reached the second beer at a good time. I was doing well. Beer number 2 took a little longer but still under a minute. Then I ran. Or jogged. Actually it was shuffle. The second beer hits you. There was no more sprinting. I reached beer 3 and was quickly loosing pace. I gasped for breath as I tried to swallow the bubbly liquid. This one took me well into 2 minutes to finish and I still had half a mile to go.  I trudged along to beer 4 and finished it in a more reasonable time frame before jogging the last quarter mile to the finish. All in all the race took me 13 minutes and 25 seconds. Respectable but no where near the top finishers of the day. The world record holder was there and casually did it in 5 and half minutes with out even breaking a sweat. That is an amazing physical accomplishment. Props to that guy. I fully expect this event to gain popularity because white people love combining physical activity and beer then having a celebration after. It makes us feel like we accomplished something and deserve those beers. It is how we justify the calories.

Now to train for 2017. Do I start with the running part or the beer? I’ll figure that out with this beer.


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